About us

junior-264x300Oliveira Lima
I have more than 10 years of experience in the information security field. I’m a expert in penetration tests, vulnerability analysis and hardering. Founder of rootlabs, I’m aways looking for new knowledge. I’m also interested in exploit development and malware analysis. I truly belive that impossible is just a matter of point of view. Linkdln profile.

DSC01087Ricardo Galossi 
I am twenty-four years-old security consultant professional with more than seven years of experience in IT security. I work at Ernst Young as a pentester working in safety projects and vulnerability researching. Moreover I am member of Root Labs team, where i make vulnerability researches, as well as security researches in some stuff. Additionally, I maintain the blog site Guia do TI, where I write posts about computer stuff, most of them about Linux and security techniques. Linkedin profile.